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I've had this blog for months now and have only just remembered to get round to writing this part!

I'm Sophie, and The Bearded Wonder is Chris.
We have been together 6 years, engaged for 5 (we will get round to it eventually! Money permitting!)
I am 22 and he is 34 

We have just moved to the North East of England in a small village on a huge hill (sooo windy!) and we are determined to be as self sufficient as possible. This blog follows our adventures on trying to make the dream a reality (Think "The Good Life" but with a tiny bit more money than Tom and Barbara, and better access to google)

This is our empire, it's a nice size in an L shape, but there are a hundred problems at the minute. Half of it isn't even grass, just weeds, and it makes for a really lumpy and bumpy garden and hard as hell to dig out as the roots are so deep. The fences are far too short, they do a terrible job of blocking the wind and fall over at the drop of a hat, so they are on the "to fix" list.

I make as many things as i can, if i can make it, then i don't buy it.
I have lots of goals for the year, including all handmade gifts, making as many clothes as i can and knitting and crocheting socks , scarves, jumpers etc. The garden goals will have to be extended for 2016 too, it is going to take a lot of time to get it the way we want it.

 Well...i think that has covered everything. If you would like to know more, let me know :)

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